2017 Q4/AIM

Top Site

This quarter Spitfire Oil occupies the top slot maintaining their previous position in the INDEX.

screenshot 8.8

Most Improved

This quarter Trading Emis showed the greatest improvement moving up 745 places in the INDEX with a score increase of 4.88 from 3.33 last quarter.

screenshot 8.2

What’s Happened This Quarter…

Top 10
1)Spitfire Oil
2)N4 Pharma Plc
3)Aeorema Comm.
4)Mobile Tornado
5)Trading Emis
7)Cenkos Sec
9)Trinity Capital
Most Improved
(+745) Trading Emis
(+630) Vitesse Media
(+625) Sunrise Res
(+581) Mayair Grp
(+569) Be Heard
Biggest Fallers
(-686) Marshall Motor
(-628) Immupharma
(-627) Forbidden Tech.
(-595) Horizonte Min.
(-569) Havelock Europa