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Adam Turner

This week’s discussions on the topic of digital accessibility

Accessibility Bulletin

Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

UK | Local Gov – Accessibility, State of the Sector

The first Sitemorse INDEX to be published since the regulations changed show results show there is still some way to go. All but 2 local authorities fail the Level A tests on at least one page, with 85% failing level AA on at least one page.

Overall, 17% improved their accessibility score and 17% saw their score deteriorate from last quarter. Is it open season now for aggressive litigation aggression – lawyers are looking for quick wins….. 


US | How Will DOJ Enforce Title III of the ADA in a Biden Administration?

A Biden Administration DOJ will likely bring higher engagement and more aggressive enforcement on ADA Title III issues.


US | Tackling web accessibility: 5 tips for colleges and universities

With hybrid and online learning formats getting more attention than ever before, accessibility needs are coming to the forefront', says the University Business website: 


CA | Digital Accessibility: Timing Is Everything, And The Time Is Now

Canadian businesses are facing a January 1, 2021 deadline to make websites and web content accessible, reports @Forbes. Is your Canadian business ready ahead of the deadline though?


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