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Adam Turner

This week’s discussions on the topic of digital accessibility.


UK | Uni / HE Results – Very differing results across accessibility

Across the websites, looking at the top 125 pages and PDF’s – and bearing in mind the dealing of end of September with 98% of the pages failing Level A Accessibility, still some way to go. Suggest worse the complacency, self-comfort with comments such as ‘It’s all OK, CMS says so, we have this tool that says we are doing great’. Time for a reality check!


INT | Where are you with Accessibility – understand level of RISK for free     

Bearing in mind 94% of websites are not up to standard, but 71% seem to feel sorted ‘a false sense of security’ you can visit www.AAAtraq.com, to see your compliance milestones and RISK PROFILE, example https://aaatraq.com/risk_profile/risk-summary

What they do at: https://youtu.be/vGzsSppMsiU

US | ADA-Compliant Websites and How to Make Sure You Have One

Just like there is a need for physical buildings to be ADA-compliant and include accessible entryways and other accommodations, the same needs to be done for websites to make it possible for people with disabilities to more easily navigate a business’ website. Business owners who do not comply with ADA standards regarding websites can expect to come into trouble as lawsuits are on the rise.


US | California retailers threatened with lawsuits over their websites' accessibility

shops in California have received emails and letters from a law firm threatening suits over their websites' compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and a California statute. The law firm, representing a blind woman from California, said in the letters that it would seek statutory damages of $4,000 per violation, plus attorney fees and other costs.


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