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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - The Daily Update email

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly outlines the purpose and contents of the Daily Update email.

A Daily Update email is sent out daily, just to the Dashboard account owner (often the master user) of a Sitemorse account. This update email will include any priority actions for the account owner to review, as well as recent article links. 

The contents of a Daily Update email are:

Key pages

Any priority issues on key pages will be listed here. The key pages are viewable from your Dashboard when logged in to Sitemorse.

The owner of the Dashboard can add up to five key pages to their Dashboard. These are individual site pages that will be assessed daily. For more information on adding and changing key pages, please see this article: 

Content activity

This is a customised feature that can check your google analytics to decide which pages are most commonly viewed and therefore will be assessed accordingly. If enabled, any priority actions for Content activity will be listed here.

Content update

This is a customised feature where we can integrate Sitemorse within your CMS to assess pages, for example to assess a page before it goes live. If enabled, any priority actions for Content update will be listed here.

Recently posted articles

Recently posted article links will be listed here.


If you do not want to received the Daily Update email, then from the Dashboard select 'Key Pages', then on the right of Dashboard, next to 'Configure', uncheck 'Daily email' checkbox.

If you would like further information on any of the features mentioned in this article please contact info@sitemorse.com

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