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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 28 – accessibility news around the globe


What’s been discussed in the media this week on the topic of accessibility including details of an improvement service complete with improvement guarantee and litigation protection.

US | Key COVID-19 Accessibility Issues As ADA Turns 30

As summer kicks into high gear, and the Americans with Disabilities Act's 30th anniversary looms large at the end of this month, businesses in many jurisdictions are in the process of gradually reopening to the public. 


UK | Accessibility Accelerator – a fast focused approach with litigation protection

The Accessibility Accelerator provides unlimited use of Sitemorse together with managed support to help drive compliance. Sitemorse guarantees that clients following the plan will improve website compliance and will be the first to benefit from AAATraq litigation insurance when the service launches later this year.

For further details email sales@Sitemorse.com

INT | Manual accessibility testing and why it’s important

Manual accessibility testing is the process of inspecting your website or application by hand to check for accessibility issues that may cause a problem for users with disabilities.


US | Gimlet Media Hit With ADA Suit Over Captionless Podcasts

The podcasting company Gimlet Media now faces a class-action lawsuit for failing to make its podcasts accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. In the complaint….


AF | Digital access has never been this urgent

Unfortunately, too many people are unable to use the ‘standard’ model of a digital product. Therefore, the dramatic move to an online life has had the unintended consequence of excluding millions of people now facing a different type of isolation: digital isolation. In Kenya, we are being asked to use our mobile phones to pay for goods, instead of cash. Yet, if you have a visual impairment or a motor condition, the standard software may not be accessible and you will be left out.


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