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Helen Grimbly

The Difference between Manager, Content Editor, and Developer Priorities

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly outlines the main differences in the Report Priorities for the three roles: Manager, Content Editor, and Developer.

All three roles will be able to view the same Report details from a Scheduled and Ad hoc assessment. The priorities for each user type are different though. All three types of priorities are accessible on the right hand side of a Report summary page.

Select 'View your content priorities' to view Content Editor priorities:

Up to 10 pages to action will be displayed to the user. These are prioritised pages which have, for example, the most issues to resolve. The user can arrow left and right through each page. For each page a screenshot of that page will be shown, and the user can click on the page image to viewed a SMARTVIEW of that page. Also listed beneath each screenshot are the priority actions to resolve. Note for each action there is an Info link to the left of the description, which will provide more information about that action. These pages will be updated for each Report run.

Select 'Review manager summary' to view Manager priorities:

There are four main sections to the Manager priorities which are: 

  • Alerts - This will indicate if there is any malware found in the assessed pages, or if the domain has expired. 
  • User Experience - This will contain links to any priority broken links, or broken emails found. 
  • Search engine optimization - Any metadata and search ranking related priority actions will be listed here. 
  • Governance, risk and compliance - Accessibility priority actions will be listed here. 

Note the action link can be selected to view the details of the action listed. There is an Info icon which the user can click to view more information for each action. To the right of each listed action, there is an envelope icon, which the manager can select to forward that action to other users of Sitemorse within your organisation, or a new email address.

Select 'View developer priorities' to view Developer priorities:

For developer priorities there are several sections outlined, some of which are low level developer related actions. In some cases, these actions are the kind of issues that a Content Editor may need to ask a Developer to resolve. The sections include: 

  • Top header of this summary page - links to documents found within the assessment, including PDFs, which the user can select to view more information such as broken links within PDFs found. 
  • Five slowest URLs by time to first byte - which shows links to the five slowest URLs that took the longest to return a response. 
  • Top five accessibility actions - which shows links to the top five accessibility actions to be resolved for this assessment. 
  • Top five code quality actions - which shows, for example, the top five HTML code actions that need to be resolved. 
  • Top five function / links actions - which shows the top five function, or broken links actions that need to be resolved. 

For each action, the number of occurences are shown (actions are ordered by greatest number of occurences found) and a short description. The action line can be selected to view more information.



Automatic delivery - Just-in-time

Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.