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Adam Turner

This week’s discussions on the topic of digital accessibility

Accessibility Public sector Private sector

What’s been discussed in the media this week on the topic of accessibility. Highlights include free accessibility audits and a guaranteed improvement service complete with litigation protection.

GLOBAL | Free Accessibility ‘quick audit’

The stark reality is 94% of websites fail to meet accessibility requirements to greater or lesser degree, this is based on the data assessing millions of websites, in 2020 alone. The further challenge is 71% of organisations believe it is all sorted, showing there is a considerable problem with a false sense of security.

Try any website, anytime for free at: https://af.sitemorse.com

UK | Accessibility in the UK Public Sector

Q2, 2020 State of the Sector looking at the accessibility of Local Government, Government & Public Bodies, Universities and Police Forces websites is now available – Local Government are considerably ahead on accessibility compliance.


UK | Accessibility Accelerator – a fast focused approach with litigation protection

The Accessibility Accelerator provides unlimited use of Sitemorse together with managed support to help drive compliance. Sitemorse guarantees that clients following the plan will improve website compliance and will be the first to benefit from AAATraq litigation insurance when the service launches later this year.

For further details email sales@Sitemorse.com

CA | Organizations can apply for up to $100,000 to increase accessibility

The types of projects that will be considered include……. make information more accessible with communication technologies.  Applications will be accepted for the small project component of the EAF until July 13 at 3 p.m.


US | COVID-19 quarantine + surge in ecommerce = Americans with Disabilities Act discrimination claims?

Many businesses with more than 15 employees are aware of the requirement to be ADA compliant in its spaces of brick and mortar public accommodations, but are unaware of the requirement and risk of not having an ADA compliant digital presence.  If an organization has more than 15 employees (public accommodations offered or not), it must have an ADA compliant website


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