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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - Public view of INDEX Results

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be introducing the newly formatted public INDEX pages.

The Sitemorse INDEX is published quarterly and is the independent audit that ranks public and private sector websites.

From the following public INDEX web page https://sitemorse.com/index/, the INDEX results for the present and previous quarters are listed, most recent first. The table lists the Date, INDEX name, Top site and Top riser for each INDEX. Each value in this table can be selected. Also on this page is a summary of the outstanding achievers for Accessibility in the most recent INDEXs for this year.

If you select a calendar quarter from the "Date" column, the results for this quarter can be viewed in more detail: 

  • The top 10 sites, and top risers and fallers will be shown. 
  • Select 'Full results' tab to see the full INDEX results including score for each site and scores over time from previous quarters. 

Full Results tab -> Build your own

At the bottom of the 'Full results' page there is a link called "Build your own". This will take you to a page with category options that can be selected, and then select 'Update' to view specific details of Reports within that INDEX. This data can then also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Full Results tab -> Report statistics

 At the botton of the 'Full results' page there is also a link called "Report statistics". This will take you to a page that shows the statistics for that INDEX.

Full Results tab -> Individual site results

 For each site listed on the 'Full results' page, select the Organisation name to view information about the related website. Score information can be selected and viewed and ranking information is shown for the current and previous quarters. There is an option to 'Purchase the detailed results'. If you are not a client of Sitemorse, there will also be an option called 'View Priorities (FREE)' to view the the non-detailed priorities from your INDEX report for free. If you are a client then we recommend you view your priorities from your scheduled site assessments.

Please contact Sitemorse at info@Sitemorse.com if you would like to discuss setting up a service with Sitemorse.

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