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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - The Website Assessment Summary

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly introduces the Website Assessment Summary page.

The Summary page of an On-Demand or Scheduled assessment page consists of:

Header section 

Screenshot of the home page of the site at the time of the assessment, and the Overall score. 
Address (URL) - Start address of the assessment. 
Address (name) - Label of the assessment if set (and option to set). 
Date: Start date of the assessment (mouse over to view the start date and time). 
Type: Type of assessment, such as On-Demand, Weekly, Monthly, etc (mouse over for the number of pages assessed). 
Bar image: Shows scores by colour over time (mouse over to view assessment dates and scores, click to view a different assessment).

Main section - Left

Scores for each category assessed (mouse over to view descriptions of categories, click to see details for that category).

Main section - Right

This shows 'what to do next' options which include: 
View your content priorities - which will take you to an Editor view of priorities for this assessment. 
Review manager summary - which will take you to a Manager view of priorities for this assessment. 
View developer diagnostics - which will take you to a Developer view of priorities for this assessment.

Additional Reporting options include: 
Download results file (.xls) - view the results of the assessment as a downloadable XLS. 
Share findings - Option to send Report via email to one or more recipients. 
View content inventory - which will take you to the Inventory page and results for this assessment such as the Directory map of the site assessed, and Telephone numbers found during the assessment.

For a breif walkthrough of the interface, see the related video.

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