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Adam Turner

Website accessibility news around the globe

Accessibility Public sector Private sector

This week we take a look at what has been discussed in the world press on the topic of accessibility.

UK | State of Sector (UK Public Sector)

Q2, 2020 State of the Sector looking at the accessibility of Local Government, Government & Public Bodies, Universities and Police Forces websites is now available – Local Government are considerably ahead on accessibility compliance.


US | San Diego County CU Must Face Claim Over Website Accessibility, Court Rules

California's Fourth Appellate District overturns a trial judge who had dismissed the complaint shortly before the scheduled trial.


US | COVID Quarantine + Surge in eCommerce = … ADA Discrimination Claims

…..a reliance on digital means to engage in business transactions is undeniable and unlikely to decrease as we move forward…. need to consider whether this new reliance on digital means of consumer interactions creates previously unconsidered risks and liabilities to their operations.


ALL | Make Online Training Accessible – Presentation Recording

…..A range of recording, links and articles covering many differing aspects of delivering accessible online learning.



Automatic delivery - Just-in-time

Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.