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Adam Turner

What’s been discussed in the media this week on the topic of accessibility?


This week we take a look at what has been discussed in the world press on the topic of accessibility.

Also a reminder: Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is on 21st May so it’s time for the Sitemorse ONE MILLION Page Giveaway

UK | Sitemorse Q2/2020 INDEX publication dates

It’s that time when Sitemorse published their Q2 INDEX results. The results for UK & IE Universities was published earlier this week. On 12th May it’s the turn for the Q2 2020 UK Government and Public Bodies INDEX results – revamped and renamed for this quarter. A complete list of the INDEX publications dates can be found on the Sitemorse website:


UK | Q2 2020 INDEX – UK & IE Universities’ progress with Accessibility

Are UK & IE Universities making enough progress to ensure their websites are accessible, to people with disabilities, in time to meet the September 2020 deadline? 


AUS | How vision impaired students are coping with online learning during COVID-19

Social distancing under COVID-19 has become an inconvenience for most Australians, but for blind people or people with vision impairment, socially isolating and distancing has presented a unique set of challenges.


US | The Curve Has Flattened for Federal Website Accessibility Lawsuits

The numbers are in for total website accessibility lawsuit filings in federal courts in 2019, they show a small decrease from 2018 (i.e. lawsuits alleging that plaintiffs with a disability could not use websites because they were not coded to work with assistive technologies like screen readers, or otherwise accessible to them).


US | To Access Online Services, New Jersey Students With Disabilities Must Promise Not To Sue

Some New Jersey schools have been forcing students with disabilities to sign waivers promising not to sue the district before giving them access to special education services…



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