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Adam Turner

Accessibility Bulletin Week 12 –accessibility news from the EU, UK and US


This week we take a look at what’s been happening in the EU, UK and the US. 

US | Accessibility for Digital Businesses: How Your Company Can Be a Leader

Digital businesses with accessible websites are demonstrating leadership by ... Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG version 1.0, was first ... that the company is aware of website accessibility standards and has a process.


EU | Compliance Identification and Management Service (CIMS)

Perhaps the first thing to consider when talking accessibility compliance is where you are at, independently in terms of level of risk. AAAtraq offers a complementary RISK PROFILE, you can download yours by visiting their website.


UK | London Listed results summary

We published our 2020 Q1 UK London-listed PLCs INDEX recently. The INDEX has been published quarterly since 2010 and ranks the websites of over 450 companies, based on User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation and Governance, Risk and Compliance. Overall, 31 companies improved the #accessibility of their website, whilst 42 have seen it decline. The full 2020 Q1 UK London-listed PLCs results can be found here:


US | Web accessibility and UX

Web designers and developers should aim for accessibility because, at the end of the day, accessible design equates to good UX design. Follow these guidelines and web accessibility standards to ensure that everyone has equal access to the web.


US | Video Accessibility: What You Need for Your ADA Website Certification

Luckily, there are several ways to make your video content both inclusive and accessible. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make that happen for your audience.



Automatic delivery - Just-in-time

Direct ‘just-in-time’ training materials are offered against actions, delivering immediate understanding and confidence in actioning. These videos provide help prevent the same issues being repeated.