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Helen Grimbly

How to add words to your dictionary.

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at updating spelling via a Sitemorse Report or SMARTVIEW.

When Sitemorse assesses spelling we check the lang attributes within a page to determine which language dictionary to compare that page's words against.
e.g. <html lang="en">

Following an assessment, if spelling is enabled (as part of the subscription), the user can then choose to add words highlighted as spelling errors in a Report or SMARTVIEW to the default dictionary to inform Sitemorse that the word is correct.

Adding words with the Spelling category

  • From a Report, click on the Spelling category
  • Click 'View all questionable words'
  • For a word listed, click on the plus symbol next to it. Here you have options to 'Ignore-case' and 'Match-case'. If this word is OK to appear on the website, you can select either of these options and click "Add to your dictionary" button and this word will be added to your dictionary and ignored for future assessments.
  • If you would like to review the word in context, click on the number of occurrences link, e.g. 'X occurrences found on your site', and a page with the list of all places that word appears, within that assessment, will be shown.
  • You can click on the Line numbers to review the word in SMARTVIEW.
  • If you want the word to remain as a spelling error, then do not add the word to dictionary and resolve the word on the site and the next assessment the word will not be listed, or you can add the word to your dictionary.

Adding words within a SMARTVIEW

  • View a SMARTVIEW of a page (either a SMARTVIEW via a Report, or an on-demand SMARTVIEW run on a page if Spelling has been included for a scheduled test of that same domain)
  • Toggle the Spelling category on, and then click Next and Previous on the right of the SMARTVIEW to step through any listed spellings.
  • For each spelling you will have the option to right click and add to dictionary (case insensitive i.e. ignore case) or add to dictionary (case sensitive i.e. match case) and that word, according to the case option selected, will be ignored for future assessments.

Spelling score does not affect the Overall score.

Please note, users are required to be logged in to update spelling, this includes logging into a report that has been accessed by a scheduled report email.


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