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Adam Turner

What’s been happening about accessibility in the news this week?


This week we take a look at the progress UK police forces are making towards website compliance. There is much advice being offered following the Domino’s case and action is being taken against a law firm who filed thousands of disability lawsuits.

As always 5 of the best articles we have seen are listed below with summaries and links to the full articles:

  • UK | How are UK Police Forces progressing with website accessibility

    UK Police Forces may be interested to see the progress they are making with ensuring their websites comply with accessibility laws and how much more they need to do.

    Sitemorse published it’s Q4 INDEX for UK Police Forces earlier this week. Over 70% of UK police forces have not improved their accessibility since the last quarter’s INDEX. Only 1 force scored 7 or above (out of 10) and 43% scored less that 5. UK police forces organisations have until 22 September 2020 to make their websites compliant with the law – new websites needed to be compliant from 22 September 2019.

    Recent clarification from the Digital Cabinet Office is that all new content should be compliant needs to be compliant from 22 September 2019. 


  • US | RICO suit against disability law firm settled

    The US is clamping down on law firms that file thousands of disability lawsuits.

    A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit against a San Jose law firm notorious for filing thousands of disability lawsuits against small businesses. The defendants include several attorneys, consultants and clients of the now-closed Mission Law Firm, headed by attorney Tanya Moore, which gained a reputation for using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to shake down small businesses through canned lawsuits.


    Another article discussing this: https://www.mv-voice.com/news/2018/03/27/firm-behind-local-ada-lawsuits-is-being-sued

  • AU | Accessibility and inclusivity - Digital Guides

    The Australian Government has a guide to Digital Accessibility and Inclusivity, which includes a break down by age of the 18.3% of Australians living with a disability.

    Accessibility and inclusivity. Abilities and expectations of Australians vary, 18.3% of Australians live with disability affecting their daily activities, 12.1% of 35 to 44 year olds live with disability., 50.7% of Australians aged 65 and over live with disability.


  • US | Ensuring Website Accessibility in the Self-storage Industry

    The Self-storage industry have published information for their readers on what is website accessibility and what they need to do.

    Website-accessibility lawsuits are on the rise. To sidestep legal ramifications and reach a wider audience, self-storage operators should provide an online experience that’s compliant with current laws.


  • US | INSIGHT: Website Accessibility and the ADA—Is Your Business Ready?

    Bloomberg Law have written an article to help businesses get their websites ADA compliant.

    The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a Ninth Circuit opinion requiring Domino Pizza’s website and mobile app to be accessible to the visually impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Karen S. Elliott, with Eckert Seamans, says with no nationwide standard, companies need to ask their web and content developers questions about accessibility.



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