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Accessibility Bulletin Week 38 – court cases continue in the US and a new service in the UK


Aggressive litigation hasn’t yet come to the UK – the key word here is ‘yet’. Perhaps it’s time to take evaluate your level of risk- this can be done for free. Sitemorse are launching an new service to help organisations start down the road to compliance.

In the US, litigation continues. A case in California is supporting the ADA application to websites. Americans with disabilities still travel and spend – a lot! Hotels have made their facilities accessible, but do they understand what is needed for their websites?

As usual 5 of the best articles we have seen are listed below. The summaries and links to the full articles can be found below.

  • UK | Launch new unlimited Accessibility Service

    Sitemorse are launching a new service to get you started on the road to compliance. There is a special offer for SOCITM members and existing clients too.

    Sitemorse are launching a 3 month service, to assess and benchmark all of your sites. This includes action prioritisation and unlimited re-running of the sites. In collaboration with SOCITM, we are offering this service at a discounted for Socitm Local Government members. Until the 20th October, SOCITM subscribers can receive a 15% discount on the new service; an additional 15% discount is available to Sitemorse clients – yes up to 30%. Unlimited service will launch for all sectors early in October. 

    Interested? Email Adam Turner 

  • US | Internally complacency – one of the biggest risks

    Do you really believe your suppliers when they say all is ok? Why not get an, independent risk assessment – it’s free?

    During initial conversations about our accessibility services, some of the most common reactions include ‘it is all in hand’, ‘our consultant told us all is OK”, “my CMS vendor says it is manged by them” The reality is, 94% of sites fail – and with the aggression of US lawyers, organisations are becoming repeated targets.

    Find out for free if you are at risk or not, key-in your site address at AAAtraq.

  • UK/Global | How is retail doing this quarter?

    Sitemorse published its Q3 INDEX results for Global Top 250 Retailers and UK Retail 500. From an accessibility point of view there is a lot of work to be done. 

    Earlier this week, Sitemorse published its Q3 INDEX results for Global Top 250 Retailersand UK Retail 500. From an accessibility point of view there is a lot of work to be done with the vast majority of retailers scoring 3 or less (out of 10). Perhaps they should get a free risk assessment.

  • US | How Hoteliers Can Create ADA Compliant Content

    American adults with disabilities spend more than $17 billion a year on travel. Here are some tips to help hoteliers with website accessibility.

    The internet was not what it is today when The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990. This law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life – jobs, schools, transportation, access to areas that are open to the general public – and has been extended since then to include websites and web applications. Courts today are interpreting Title III of the ADA, which requires places of “public accommodation” like hotels, to ensure that their web presences are accessible.

  • US | California Appellate Court Adopts Broad Standing for Claims Based on Asserted ADA Violations

    In California a ruling by the supreme court is adding to the pressure of having an accessible website.

    The California Supreme Court recently issued a ruling in White v. Square, Inc. that suggested standing to assert claims against websites for violations of the Unruh Civil Rights Act will be interpreted very broadly. Given the recent positive judgments for plaintiffs in these cases, entities with an online presence should ensure that their websites comply with the accessibility requirements of state and federal law.


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