Department of Justice Mandates Website Accessibility: Final Ruling on ADA Title II

29 Apr 2024 | Accessibility | Legislation

Victoria Nieuwenhuys
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Empowering Accessibility: The DOJ's Final Ruling on ADA Title II

Exciting Developments in Accessibility

It’s official! The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II web and mobile accessibility regulations have recently been published in the Federal Register. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently issued a groundbreaking final ruling on Title II of the ADA, mandating website accessibility as a legal requirement for public entities. This ruling marks a significant step forward in ensuring equal access to government services for individuals with disabilities and preventing discrimination in the digital sphere.

Navigating Digital Government Services

In today’s digital age, access to government services is increasingly facilitated through online platforms. From paying fines to accessing health resources, many essential tasks are now completed through government websites and mobile applications. However, for individuals with disabilities, navigating these digital spaces can present significant challenges if proper accessibility features are not in place. The DOJ’s final ruling also recognises the increasing reliance on mobile apps for accessing government services. Therefore, it rightfully includes provisions for ensuring the accessibility of these apps, further extending the reach of inclusivity in the digital realm.

Clearer Guidance for Compliance

One common challenge faced by both public entities and the general public has been the lack of specificity and clarity in compliance guidelines, the absence of concrete standards has sometimes hindered progress. With the establishment of technical requirements by the DOJ, public entities now have clearer guidance on how to fulfil their obligations under Title II of the ADA.

A Milestone in Inclusivity

In conclusion, the DOJ’s final ruling on website accessibility under Title II of the ADA is a significant milestone in promoting inclusivity and equal access to government services. With the rule set to take effect on June 24, 2024, public entities serving populations of 50,000 or more have until April 24, 2026, to ensure compliance. This timeline allows for adequate preparation and implementation of accessibility measures, ensuring a smooth transition towards a more inclusive digital landscape.

Online resource // Digital Asset Accessibility Under ADA Title II

A resource, from Microassist on the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) ruling regarding Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its implications for digital assets. It is online at

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