Tridion Sites 10.1 Webinar: Unveiling the Roadmap for Future Digital Experiences

27 Feb 2024 | General

Victoria Nieuwenhuys
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TRIDION SITES WEBINAR TOMORROW: 28th February 2024 at 3:00 pm GMT

Tridion Sites 10.1 – The roadmap for your future Digital Experiences

Join RWS specialists Gregory Guttmann, Principal Solutions Consultant, and Joe Pairman, Product Director, for an insightful webinar on Tridion Sites 10.1. Discover how current Digital Experience (DX) trends shape the upcoming version of Tridion Sites, v10.1. Topics include 2024 trends like Accessibility, Website performance, and AI, as well as feedback from the 10.0 release, main themes of the 10.1 release, and an overview of the Tridion Sites roadmap. Don't miss the opportunity to register and participate in this webinar and feel free to bring your questions. If you can't attend live, register to receive the recording afterwards. Secure your spot today for the Tridion Sites Roadmap Webinar!