Streamlining Accessibility Testing with Abra Desktop Beta

15 Feb 2024 | General

Victoria Nieuwenhuys
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Simplify Testing with Abra Desktop Beta

In today's fast-paced digital world, ensuring the accessibility and usability of applications is crucial for reaching a diverse user base. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, finding the right tools to streamline your testing process can make all the difference. If you're in search of a comprehensive testing tool for your website or mobile apps, we’ve found one that might just fit the bill. Enter Abra Desktop - a newly launched beta tool designed to simplify accessibility testing and ensure your applications are hitting the mark. But what exactly is beta testing, and how does Abra Desktop work? Let's explore how this tool could potentially improve your development process.


What is Abra Desktop?

Abra Desktop is a tool designed to facilitate accessibility testing, providing tools, guidelines and resources to help developers ensure that their applications are accessible to users with disabilities. According to Abra, “Abra Desktop enables you to test the accessibility of any app from your desktop. It detects connected Android and iOS devices and shows installed apps. Next, you can scan for accessibility issues in any app.” Powered by the Abra Test Engine, Abra Desktop is equipped to detect various accessibility concerns, including text scaling anomalies, colour contrast deficiencies and attributes such as name, role and value.

Find out more at: Abra Desktop YouTube Video

Abra Desktop Launches in Beta

Abra has released Abra Desktop in beta. Beta testing is the final round of testing before a wide release. The primary goal of beta testing is to identify and address as many bugs or usability issues as possible within a controlled setting. In this phase of software development, applications are subjected to real-world testing by the intended audience for the software. The experiences of the early users are relayed to the developers who make final changes before the software is released commercially. This feedback helps the development team improve the product, make it user-ready and minimise the risks of product failure. 


Addressing Accessibility

Results from Abra Desktop scans are swiftly accessible, typically within a few seconds per screen, providing developers with immediate insights into potential accessibility barriers. While the tool is currently exclusive to macOS, there are plans to expand platform support in the future. Abra Desktop presents itself as a potentially valuable resource for developers seeking to improve the accessibility of their mobile applications.

Download for free and try it out for yourself at: Abra Desktop

Important note: Our company has no affiliation or partnership with Abra Desktop or its services. The information is provided solely for informational purposes.