G2 Rankings: Sitemorse Emerges as a Sector Leader

24 Jan 2024 | Accessibility

Victoria Nieuwenhuys
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Setting the Standard: G2 and Sitemorse in the Digital Accessibility Solutions arena 

G2 is a platform that provides reviews and ratings for various software solutions, including those related to accessibility. The G2 Grid helps users make informed decisions by displaying market trends and user satisfaction scores for different products in specific categories, including accessibility tools and platforms. It’s a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to choose the right software to meet their accessibility needs. In this context, Sitemorse stands out as a notable player in the digital accessibility platforms landscape, achieving an impressive overall score and highlighting Sitemorse’s commitment to ensuring compliance with accessibility regulations and providing user-friendly digital experiences.


More About G2

The G2 website states, “Digital accessibility platforms carry out multiple functions that are necessary to ensure digital interfaces (e.g., website, app, software) are compliant with digital accessibility regulations. Digital accessibility platforms act as a one-stop-shop for digital accessibility needs. The purpose of these platforms is to ensure that those with disabilities are able to properly access and use websites and other digital applications. They are used primarily by development teams to ensure that the interfaces they create are accessible and compliant. Some companies utilize digital accessibility experts who monitor compliance and progress using digital accessibility platforms. These platforms are often broken up into different modules that address specific parts of the digital accessibility process, from testing to fixing errors to monitoring compliance. Modules may include tools to help development teams catch accessibility errors while coding, tools to perform step-by-step accessibility tests, and monitoring tools that help ensure websites become and remain compliant.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Accessibility Platforms category, a product must:
Scan and identify accessibility issues based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Automatically fix common issues
Generate reports to address more complex issues
Offer a dashboard or other methods to monitor accessibility changes and progress.”

In summary, the G2 Reports serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on the current state of digital accessibility solutions, aiding in decision-making processes, and ensuring alignment with industry standards and user expectations.


Results of G2’s Winter 2024 Reports for Digital Accessibility Platforms and Digital Accessibility Tools

The table includes all platforms with a minimum of three reviews
Company Name Overall Score  /5
Equally.ai 4.9
DubBot 4.9
Sitemorse 4.8
Silktide 4.8
accessiBe 4.7
UserWay 4.7
Accessible Web RAMP 4.7
AudioEye 4.7
EqualWeb 4.6
Lumar 4.6
Stark 4.6
Monsido 4.6
Fable 4.6
Level Access Accessibility Platform 4.6
Siteimprove 4.6
Textmetrics 4.5
Usable Net AQA 4.4
BrowserStack 4.4
Crownpeak DQM 4.3


How Sitemorse compares


Sitemorse achieved an impressive overall score of 4.8, showcasing excellence across various categories. In the domain of ‘Compliance Monitoring’, Sitemorse earned a commendable score of 8.3, emphasizing our dedication to ensuring adherence to standards. Only four companies achieved a perfect score in any one category, and remarkably, Sitemorse stands out as the sole company achieving a perfect score in not just one but two categories – specifically, ‘Overlay Engine’ and ‘Ease of Use’. With proven stability and reliability, Sitemorse stands out as a top choice for users seeking Digital Accessibility Platforms and Tools.


Sitemorse: Committed to excellence


We are proud to be one of the G2 leaders! Sitemorse’s exceptional performance across these metrics underscores its dedication to compliance rules and guidelines, delivering user-friendly solutions, and setting new standards in the industry. Explore the G2 website today and discover firsthand the reviews shared by Sitemorse users. In response to the question, ‘What do you like best about Sitemorse?’ one user in Government Administration expressed, ‘Absolutely everything – their customer service, their product, their knowledge and expertise.’ 

For a flavor of the Sitemorse service, please feel free to try our free checker where we'll remotely run any page through all our tests and display the results.