Upgrading from Sitemorse engine 1 to 2

25 Jul 2023 | Developer Corner

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Sitemorse 1 tests each file that makes up the website individually (HTML, CSS, images, etc). Sitemorse 2 however is based upon an actual browser, and so is testing the webpages as whole entities, as users would see them. In particular, this means that JavaScript on the page is executed during testing.

The general criteria for the Sitemorse 2 engine and the Sitemorse 1 engine are similar, although in particular the Accessibility testing is improved and may find more issues than before. However the most significant difference is that JavaScript on the assessed pages is executed in Sitemorse 2, which may make significant changes to a page score.

Please see the following article for more information on how Sitemorse 2 lets you find dynamic content: https://sitemorse.com/blog-article/10227/How-Sitemorse-II-lets-you-find-dynamic-content/ (opens in a new window)