Providing a list of all HTML web pages found on a website

22 Feb 2023 | General

Helen Grimbly
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Occasionaly a client requires a map of their site, and a request is made to Sitemorse to provide a list of all the HTML web pages found on a website.

A client with a Sitemorse Managed service can request this via a Support Request made using the 'Need Help?' menu item top right when logged in to Sitemorse, and providing the URL of the domain they are querying.

Sitemorse Support will review the request and run a custom timings report, and provide a spreadsheet that lists all the assets found on their site. There is a 'type' column which provides a drop down where a client can select the file types they would like to view. This option is defaulted to text/html (ticked).

In the spreadsheet, the column number on the left of each row is the number within all the assets found. However, if for example, a client wanted to find out how many HTML files they have on their site, they can select the drop down 'type' and tick all asset types, sort by type, and then add up the rows of type text/html (select those rows and view the count number).

The following table shows an example of some rows like those provided in the spreadsheet that Sitemorse would send to a client.

start finish url size compressed initial total type status message
15:14:07 15:14:07 41,278 7,947 68 562 text/html 200  
15:14:12 15:14:13 48,000 8,501 51 440 text/html 200  
15:14:13 15:14:14 32,407 7,663 56 348 text/html 200  
15:14:14 15:14:14 37,209 7,269 280 493 text/html 200  
15:14:14 15:14:14 37,209 7,269 280 493 text/html 200  

Please send a request to Sitemorse if you require a list of all assets (or HTML pages) for a site, and Sitemorse will follow up with the query.

We recently provided such a report to a client who commented on the report saying “That’s brilliant - this looks like what I need.”.