Accessibility Bulletin 2022, June

29 Jun 2022 | Accessibility | Legislation | General

Michelle Hay
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June has seen more coverage for accessibility. We’ve seen a trend around the legalities of website compliance, with sectors being targeted, as well as officials using their voice to help bring about change.

The month has also seen stories hitting the headlines about government bodies websites and service and how they need to be doing more to meet the needs of disabled users.

Essential services websites in UK ‘should be accessible to all’

This article explains how limiting life can be when there isn’t the correct access available to online service and how more needs to be done to improve access to such services for people living with disabilities.

Alcohol Suppliers Hit with ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits

We’re again seeing stories about this sector being targeted, mainly in New York and California. This article contains a helpful list. But first, why not check out AAAtraq to ascertain your own exposure.

Web Accessibility and What Brands Need to Know: Q&A With Steve Barnes

In this article, Steve talks about many important points and has many reasons why organizations should be taking digital inclusion seriously, including why the use of overlays is not the route to take.

Building truly accessible digital products goes way beyond your limited checklist

This article discusses how accessibility isn’t just a fixed thing you can achieve, it’s ever moving as organizations grow and change – something we think organizations should be more aware of, they need to stop chasing compliance.

Senators ask DOJ to enforce accessibility rules for state and local websites

It’s great to see officials recognizing the need for change and how, as technology is becoming more and more part of our everyday existence, inclusion needs to be considered for people living with disabilities.

The internet is not designed for people with disabilities. This Toronto entrepreneur is changing that

The headline of this article is a fact: the internet is not designed for people living with disabilities, but it should be. This start-up has a great concept of getting the right people together to help bring about change.

Lack of Internet, Web Accessibility Harm Employment for Disabled

This article makes a very valid point:to help get more disabled people into work, they need to be able to access and apply for positions using their assistive technologies. Whilst it’s great that many organizations are making their digital ecosystems more accessible, if the jobs can’t be applied for in the first place, we have to ask ourselves where their priorities are sitting.

Why Colleges and Universities Face More Web Accessibility Lawsuits

This article, featuring a AAAtraq report, discussed how much of a threat litigation really is for institutions. We’ve seen many cases in this sector in the past and as our report shows, compliance isn’t where it should be, therefore it’s likely we’re only going to see more.