Pragmatic PDF Webinar

25 May 2022 | General | Accessibility

Michelle Hay
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On Tuesday 21st June at 15:30 BST, Mike Carter, VP of Technology at Sitemorse will be hosting another Pragmatic PDF Webinar.

Image with blue background, Sitemorse logo and computer monitor screen with the image of a person and the universal PDF icon and the text 'Pragmatic PDF Webinar June 21st, 3.30pm

In this webinar we will look at the some of the issues facing organisations that are trying to improve the accessibility of the PDFs that can be viewed on their websites. We will look what strategies organisations are adopting to deal with the accessibility of their PDFs.

Organisations use a variety of tools to create the PDFs that are loaded onto their website including MS Office, Adobe Acrobat and InDesign. Using these tools without regard for accessibility can lead to issues further down the line when the PDFs are presented on the website but there are also a variety of ways in which these tools can be used to improve the accessibility of the PDFs created. We will discuss these and the most common accessibility issues we see with PDFs generated from these tools and some tricks and tips on how to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls.

Also, we will discuss how the Sitemorse reports can help you to determine the size of your PDF accessibility project by answering the most basic question, which is, how many PDFs are on my website and how bad is their accessibility?

Once the presentation part of the webinar is complete, the session will be opened to all attendees for questions and discussion.

To register your attendance for this webinar, please book now.