Chartered Institutions UK INDEX Results - Q1 2022

15 Feb 2022 | Index | General | Legislation | Accessibility

Michelle Hay
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With the focus of corporate and institutional governance taking more of a centre stage, and inclusivity and culture being important in every Public or Private body, we tested the websites of 113 UK Chartered Institutions against our accessibility tests, checks and measures to see just how inclusive they are and just how much they lead the way in ensuring inclusivity.

Blue background, Sitemorse logo and the text 'Chartered Institutions INDEX Results - Q1 2022' with an image of a laptop showing the Sitemorse website.

Many of the Institutions do not have a dedicated Accessibility page on their website and of those that do, many claim AA compliance, but are far from achieving this, as to pass AA, websites must also pass A tests.

-       2 Institutes failed A and AA tests on every page we assessed.

-       1 Institutes failed A on every page we assessed but passed AA on every page.

See who fairs better than others in this quarters INDEX results,