Developer Corner - Domain Expiry

08 Feb 2022 | Developer Corner

Helen Grimbly
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This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be outlining how Sitemorse informs the client if one of their domains is nearing expiry.

If a site owner has not arranged an automatic renewal of their site domain and it is nearing expiry, it is important that the site owner acts to renew their domain for their site to remain working, and also not risk losing ownership of that domain.

Since 2004, it has been standard practice for Sitemorse to check the domain expiries for a client's sites. This is intended to provide an extra heads up about domains that are in danger of expiring soon. In principle Sitemorse tries to check all domains that customers have added to the Sitemorse system, but unfortunately there is no standardised way to determine the expiry date so its effectiveness depends on both the type of domain (e.g. .com,, etc) and also which registrar is used to register the domain (e.g. Gandi, GoDaddy, etc).

If an assessment for a site is run then the Sitemorse engine will check the central registry details for the requested domain. The details of this information for an audit will be found under the Digital Properties - select the 'Inventory' link for a site, and then 'Domain detail'. Often shown here is a 'Renewal date' and Sitemorse checks if this is nearing expiry and Sitemorse will, if the domain is expiring soon, send an reminder email to the client.