Accessibility Bulletin 2022, Week 4 – accessibility news around the globe

27 Jan 2022 | Accessibility

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

ALL | Try the new Sitemorse Engine – free accessibility and mobile checking

The new Sitemorse engine is as close as automation can get to manual testing. It also examines mobile accessibility, and you can scroll through your full page running on differing mobile views. Is your page as good as you think?

UK | Government testing identifies accessibility issues on 99% of public sector websites.

Government research conducted over the past two years found that about 99% of public sector websites … breach ... regulatory requirements.

US | The Growth of Disability

Roughly 26% of American adults are living with at least one type of disability. Although the largest minority group in the United States, today, is those who identify as disability, historically that hasn’t always been the case.

IL | Israel’s Digital Accessibility Laws: An Overview

if your digital content isn’t accessible, you might face financial penalties. In 1998, Israel passed the Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, which prohibits disability-based discrimination in public places, public services, products, and employment.

ALL | An accessibility strategy

… a model for how companies can do this based on my own learnings but also the advice and guidance from many of my mentors and accessibility colleagues. My hope is this model can be used by others to replicate what I've done … and make more companies accessible.