Accessibility Bulletin 2022, Week 3 – accessibility news around the globe

20 Jan 2022 | Accessibility Bulletin

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

US | A Status Update on Hotel Reservations Website Lawsuits

Hotels have been fighting a tsunami of hotel reservations website lawsuits with good results so far.

ALL | 11 of the Most Accessible Brand Campaigns and Actions of 2021

What happens once the [Paralympic] Games have concluded? Does a brand continue to show up for its disabled consumers, or do they reserve their emphatic support for this small window time?

ALL | Build A Solid Foundation For SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements

Adding web accessibility to SEO practices helps build a solid website foundation for search engine marketing. Here's how

ALL | Test mobile and accessibility – free

Sitemorse has released the first automated checker that parses the page code (as conventual automated tools do) along with operating the actual page – this is as close as automation can get to manual testing. It also examines mobile accessibility and you can scroll through your full page running on differing mobile views.

ALL | Should website owners be held responsible for the accessibility of user-generated content?

The outcome of newly filed litigation could impact social media, product reviews, and fundraising campaigns, to name a few.

UK | Online medical school - a win for accessibility?

The changes medical schools made during the pandemic could pave the way for an education system that is more responsive to the needs of people with disabilities.

ALL | The Online Accessibility Pandemic

When building and designing a website, accessibility isn't just for your site's visitors but also for your authors, designers, and developers.