Accessibility Bulletin 2022, Week 2 – accessibility news around the globe

13 Jan 2022 | Accessibility Bulletin

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

UK | Q4 2021 INDEX Results for UK Local Government

Sitemorse published the Q4 2021 INDEX Results in December. The top 3 websites are: North Devon Council, Harrogate Borough Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council

Sitemorse 2021 Q4 UK Local Government INDEX Results

US | How do I make my Shopify Website ADA compliant?

Shopify website owners are rapidly learning that website accessibility is a new cost of doing business that cannot be ignored

US | Resolve to Prioritize Digital Accessibility in the New Year and Avoid a Lawsuit

What user experience does a visually impaired person have when visiting your website?  Is your website designed with barriers for people with disabilities?


Using AccessiBe Won’t Help Your Mootness Argument

US | Celebrating the ADA's 20th/24th/25th Anniversary

Karl "the Viking" Groves and Billy "the Lumberjack" Gregory discuss the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Field reporter Eric Wright goes out on the street to see how America is celebrating.

US | A Roadmap for Improving Digital Accessibility

Across the world, more than one billion people live with a disability, which is why providing digital accessibility is not only essential; it’s the law