Accessibility Bulletin 2022 Week 1 – accessibility news around the globe

06 Jan 2022 | Accessibility Bulletin

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

ALL | FREE accessibility and mobile auditing – any page

Are you sure your web page is accessible on desktop and mobile devices? Take a moment to check it now for free and also see how it looks on mobile:

US | 2022: More Aggressive DOJ Enforcement, More Lawsuits, and Maybe a New Rulemaking.

We predict 2022 will look a lot like 2021 with roughly the same number of lawsuits and DOJ pushing the boundaries of the ADA.

UK | What we’ve found from monitoring public sector accessibility?

We’ve publishing a report on what we have found from the last 2 years of monitoring public sector websites and mobile apps for accessibility.

ALL | Paid Apps Lag Behind Free Ones in Accessibility

Many of the most popular paid smartphone apps are less accessible to people with certain disabilities than top apps that are free to download, according to a new report.

ALL | What’s new on the WCAG 3.0 working draft?

AGWG just released a new Working Draft for WCAG 3.0. Let’s see what’s new.

UK | Accessibility monitoring of public sector websites and mobile apps 2020-2021

The Central Digital and Data Office monitors compliance with the regulations and this report contains the findings from monitoring from February 2020 to November 2021.

UK | ASOS 'least accessible' website for disabled shoppers, with 1 in 5 pages blocked

Fashion website ASOS has been ranked as the least accessible website for disabled people, according to a new list.