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Adam Turner

This week’s discussions on the topic of digital accessibility.

Accessibility Bulletin

Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

US US | Web Accessibility Expectations for Digital Transformation

As the pandemic has sped up the need for digital innovation, sectors such as the financial industry have had some hurdles to overcome in providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations. Adherence to accessibility standards is one of those hurdles.


ALL | Perspectives from a Mentor in the Accessibility NextGen Mentorship Program

Perspectives from a Mentor in the Accessibility NextGen Mentorship Program


ALL | The reality? Manual testing, $24,000 for 2% vs Automation at $500 for 40%

There is ongoing debate about the merits of manual versus automated website testing, and which is the best approach for ensuring website accessibility. There is always scepticism of the opinions, especially when the voices come from either a manual or automated testing company.


US | 2021 ADA Website Compliance: Best Practices, Lawsuit Trends, WCAG 2.2

As the calendar turns to 2021, below are the best practices for ADA web compliance as well as how the 2020 happenings above will affect the legal landscape going forward.



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