Accessibility Bulletin Week 45 – accessibility news around the globe

11 Nov 2021 | Accessibility Bulletin

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility. 

US | The Design + Accessibility Summit

Join us online November 16-19 for The Design + Accessibility Summit, the essential HOW-TO event for design professionals who need to master accessibility.

US | Are there business insurance policies for digital ADA lawsuits for websites?

Year after year the number of ADA Title iii lawsuits for non-accessible websites, web-based software and mobile apps continue to grow, leaving many businesses exposed to significant costs. This leaves many businesses asking what insurance coverage is there?

ALL | Fix web accessibility systematically

Web accessibility is incredibly important. The web is the prime medium for information, education, entertainment, and social interaction. And it still is incredibly inaccessible to many people.

ALL | Is eCommerce intentionally inaccessible?

In this talk Hector [Osborne Rodrigues] will dissect the structure of an eCommerce website

NZ | NZ Government announces new Ministry for Disabled People and accessibility law

…the government rolls out a different approach to support services and brings in a new law to make Aotearoa more accessible.