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Adam Turner

This week’s discussions on the topic of digital accessibility.

Accessibility Bulletin

Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

US | Justice Department Secures Agreement with Rite Aid Corporation to Make Its Portal Accessible

The Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania today announced a settlement agreement with Rite Aid Corporation that will help people with disabilities get information about COVID-19 vaccinations and book their vaccination appointments online.


ALL | The red flag meme is a red flag for accessibility

…But for blind and visually-impaired people that use screen readers and voiceover technology, the red flag meme doesn’t make sense.


US | Converge Accessibility LEGAL UPDATE: OCTOBER 2021

While there were a ton of new filings this month, it seemed like there were relatively few interesting judicial opinions. Nevertheless, there were a few interesting topics that came up this month.


ALL | Updated reporting for the Inclusion Score – where are you?

The Inclusion Score offers a single numerical value to clarify risk. Crucially, the score removes the complexities, opinions, and lack of independence in current reporting methods. It is an early warning for risk managers.


ALL | Access and Inclusion through Technology

A round up of news and views from the world of assistive and accessible technology Read, Share, Discuss and Act


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