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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - Filtering for Banned Words

Developer Corner

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be outlining how a Search Filter can be added to filter a site for banned words.

There are occasions where a site owner needs to ensure that certain banned words (for their organisation) are not found on their site. One way to check this is by adding a Search Filter.

A Search Filter can be created that banned words can be added to, and following each scheduled assessment for a site, any occurrences of those words will be listed with their locations in the Spelling section of a Report. The Search Filter can be named by the user, for example '<Site-Name> Banned Words'. Please see the article how to search for a word, in particular the section headed 'Search for a word or phrase using a Search Filter':

Once the Search Filter has been added, the organisation's owner can add or remove banned words from that list as needed. The master user of a Sitemorse account will have access to create a Search Filter and add and remove words from that list via the 'Spelling configuration' option by selecting the Cog icon next to a site. If further access for other users is required to create a Search Filter and add and remove words, please contact Sitemorse when logged in, via the 'Need Help?' top right option.

This article is also available as a video.

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