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Helen Grimbly

Developer Corner - Accessibility SCR20 check for keyboard device


This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be outlining what the Accessibility check SCR20 means and how to resolve it.

Accessibility SCR20 - Using both keyboard and other device-specific functions

Sitemorse short description:
Event handler 'onclick' is not device-independent. Add equivalent handler e.g. 'onkeyup', 'onkeydown', 'onkeypress'

In Sitemorse this is an Accessibility 'check' diagnostic which is intended to assist in directing manual accessibility checks rather than indicating a definite problem. It is saying that a button on a web page has a click handler but not a keypress handler, and so should be manually checked to ensure that it is accessible by the keyboard.

These particular diagnostics are not Accessibility 'errors' (it is highlighted in blue as an information message only and not red for error), and so does not count against the Accessibility score. They are just suggested areas to check whether the user interface element in question is also usable for users who are not using a mouse.

For more information on this WCAG check, please see the WCAG 2.1 SCR20 reference.

This article is also available as a video.

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