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The inventory categorises your assessment by the type of asset or technology used by your site, such as, file types, emails, directories, etc. For each category, the inventory, shows any issues would benefit from your attention, whether there are potential issues, or no major issues found.

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No credit card required, less than 2 minutes.



From the summary view you can drill down into 8 categories:

Files – you can view the sizes of files by type. Large files which may be impacting performance are highlighted.

Telephone Nos –all the telephone numbers contained in your site by type

Email – view a breakdown of all the email addresses appearing in the site

Links – a list of all the links on the website showing where issues exist

Domain – details about the domain names form the central registry

Directory Map – a complete map of the directories and sub-directories.

Server Identities – a list of the servers that host the site or items embedded on the pages

Technologies –the browser technologies utilised by the site