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Sitemorse® was founded over a decade ago and first built its reputation on the success of launching arguably the first automated website auditing service.

Over the years, the company has continued to develop its automated technology, accompanying them with methodologies and service offerings to enhance increasing expectations and demands of its clients and their ever-expanding digital operations.

The company supports organisations that wish to replace ‘hope’ with "confidence" that all digital channels (websites, social pages, emails and mobile content) are fully optimised, within compliance requirements and on brand; their investment meets the latest in-country rules, regulations and standards; and the confidence that their online channels will perform perfectly at all times for all visitors.

Essentially, Sitemorse looks to improve efficiency and protect its clients’ online presence. It does this by replacing manual checking procedures and processes by augmenting existing CMS, software and systems with Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive agile publishing and continuous assessment across everything digital.

This results in an improved customer online experience, reduced internal cost – editors are empowered, managers are in control and the organisation has confidence across all digital channels.

Sitemorse is a British based company with UK support teams and a head office in central London. The company works in partnership with clients worldwide, delivering and supporting contracts ranging from those with a single site and a social page or two, through to enterprises that are globally based with thousands of sites. Services are available on a self-managed or fully supported basis.

Sitemorse have helped hundreds of enterprises from industry, commerce and the public sector, including many major corporations.

The Sitemorse INDEX is the only recognised independent sector benchmark – supporting the UK Gov. “Better Connected” report for some 13 years, along with the World Retail Congress for some 7 years.

Sitemorse is registered in England, the company is 100% privately owned with no external investors - staff being the shareholders.

We have no bank borrowings and year on year have a cash positive position.


From digital discovery & landscape mapping, to standards monitoring within your CMS that can immediately improve agility, we offer a unique INSIGHT to drive more informed decisions.

With workflow powered by SMART Content™ to manage inevitable, continual change – Sitemorse really is disruptive innovation making weekly reporting redundant. Timely, appropriate and accountable action will maximise online investment, minimise risk and continue to deliver the best possible online experience.


Replacing Hope with Confidence

Sitemorse® is about removing 'I hope' - wondering if everything is as good as it can be across your digital communications - and asking the question: are current individual, often manual and sporadic processes sufficiently effective, timely and accurate at all times? Is the brand really being delivered consistently, is it always optimisedt and are risks minimised?

To consider… when a change comes about (externally, say a regulatory change or new accessibility rules, a brand update or product removal) it is no longer a case of hoping that you have effectively communicated the change for new content production, but has live content also been updated?

Sitemorse is the confidence that the change was applied within a process-driven, individually accountable and demonstrable way – with the detail of what happened and when, all managed in a time efficient and consistent manner.

With our independent monitoring as the backbone to your Digital Governance, hope is replaced with confidence. The confidence that across every digital touch point (web, social, mobile and email) you offer the best possible, fully compliant user experience; confidence that is supported with tangible and accountable results and enhanced with efficiency gains and cost savings. You have greater control and the knowledge that your digital investment is being maximised and the brand is protected.



Sitemorse automation replaces sporadic & often manual assessment and searching of digital content - removing inefficiency and reducing costs by up to 12%.

Across every digital touch point we enable SMART ContentTM and with our unique INSIGHT offer unrivalled immediacy in improving online user experience - whilst simultaneously increasing agility, improving optimisation and reducing risk.

Our 'Disruptive Innovation' seamlessly integrates with and enhances existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) and publishing (CMS) technology, establishing consistency and accountability across web, social, mobile and email content. As the backbone to your Digital Governance, Sitemorse streamlines management and enhances control - replacing hope with confidence.

Our Principles


To improve the digital experience for all with the introduction of automation, saving time & reducing cost.


To ensure accountability across Digital Service Providers - internal or external.


To operate profitably, allowing us to grow successfully, break digital boundaries & continually invest in disruptive innovation to reduce digital management costs.

In supporting your journey to Digital Governance we endeavour to deliver a first-rate service & to continue to exceed expectations. It is important that commitments are continually met by you as much as by ourselves.

To us it is about doing great things with great people.

Our Mission

To replace the time consuming, costly and sporadic manual checking of online content with scalable, secure automation as the foundation of your Digital Governance.

To empower and provide accountability, from a position of independence - to those looking to drive disruptive innovation efficiencies across their organisation in so ensuring every digital touch point is continually optimised for search, compliance and the best visitor experience.


To enable clients to maximise and protect their online investment; ensuring their brand is delivered across all digital channels with minimal risk; replacing hope with confidence.