Providing our clients with the information to drive new levels of efficiency

Reports, results, diagnostics….until now this may have been overwhelming – the challenge of actually focusing on what actions are going to make the greatest improvements (Experience, Optimisation or Compliance) until now has been a significant hurdle for governance services. With new levels of automation and intelligence Sitemorse presents the key pages to action, together with workflow to allocate and manage.

page priorities view

Notice the Allocate button on the header of the email? This allows you to allocate these actions to others within your organisation. Use the drop-down list to select a name and then click forward to send just those pages on to that person.

allocate actions view

When the list of pages arrives in their inbox, it has just the pages you have allocated.

content editor view

Sitemorse. Revolutionising Automation.

As part of our SMART Content™ approach, the release of Prioritisation Intelligence™ will transform how content actions are located, prioritised, distributed & monitored.

Sitemorse initiated the creation of reporting services ‘quality and governance’ market of today – yet this still appears to be one of digital’s least efficient operations, and so change is essential.

Our goal is to strive to drive this change, with new levels of Data Science, leading the way with cognitive computing – helping our Clients drive their Customer Experience using business focused knowledge based decisioning across both Business and Technical staff.

increase publishing

98% increase of publishing
control across platforms

reduce training and support

Brand, Compliance, Training reduced
by up to 76%

increase efficiency

Content correction efficiency
improved by up to 91%

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