2018 Q2/Hotels : web benchmark : Aloft Hotels rises 94

Top Site

Top site this quarter with an Index of 6.52 is Firmdale Hotels http://www.firmdalehotels.com/

Firmdale Hotels screenshot 6.5

Most Improved

The site that demonstrated the greatest improvement is Aloft Hotels rising 94 places to rank 8 (Index of 5.06).

Aloft Hotels screenshot 5.1

The reviewing and subsequent benchmarking of the sites was completed on 18th June, in all we carried out 109,152,602 checks - testing function, checking compliance and measuring performance - reviewing the page content, code and delivery infrastructure. Functionally Aloft Hotels was top, M Gallery had the fastest response time with M Gallery reporting the best HTML 'code quality'.

The full results and access to the Sitemorse INDEX, 2018 Q2/Hotels : web benchmark : Aloft Hotels rises 94. is available at: https://sitemorse.com/index/report.html?rt=1421

Sitemorse INDEX


Using our software, we look at each site individually, mapping out every combination of every one of the top 125 pages and complete around 1,200 tests, checks and measures across User Experience (UX), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Search Capability (SEO). Against the results, our benchmarking methodology is applied to provide a ranked table - the results are then published as the "" INDEX.


The quarterly INDEX Website Review looks at major public and private sectors as the independent benchmark identifying how websites are performing, meeting compliance levels and satisfying their users. It's also a key indicator for website managers who, while always wanting to be at the top of their game, could be hampered by poor-performing suppliers, non-compliant legacy content or content management systems that often fail to spot errors affecting user experience.

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