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Helen Grimbly

Week 33 Technical Service Bulletin - What PDF tests does Sitemorse carry out?

Tech Update

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly will be looking at what PDF tests Sitemorse carries out.

Sitemorse can assess PDFs, this includes the following tests: 
- Checks clickable web and email links - that links are not broken and that email syntax is correctly formatted. 
- Accessibility checks on PDFs include: 
- Document Title - used in Search Engine results. 
- Images have alt text applied - helps screen reader to describe content of PDF. 
- Correct tab and reading order in PDF documents - so that screen readers can step through PDF content in the correct order. 
- The PDF document has a language specified - useful for screen readers to know how to read the document. 
- That PDFs, other than very short ones, have bookmarks set for navigation.

The service includes unlimited use for carrying out PDF tests. Individual PDF tests can be carried out by: 
- Select Digital Properties link 
- Click plus + icon next to 'Ad hoc' tab 
- Enter the URL of the PDF 
- Click the PDF checkbox, and click 'Run audit' 
- The results will be displayed on the screen, and can also be viewed under the 'Ad hoc' tab for 30 days.

Find out more about running PDFs in our previous Techical Service Bulletin on how to assess a PDF.


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