Tech Update - Resolving the Accessibility checks G134, G192, H75 and H88

13 Mar 2019

This week, Support Lead, Helen Grimbly is looking at a query that is occasionally asked regarding how to resolve four particular accessibility A checks.

We are sometimes asked how to resolve the Accessibility checks G134, G192, H75 and H88, as shown at the bottom section of the following picture from an Accessibility detail screen. This is accessed by selecting the Accessibility category of a Sitemorse Report, then selecting the second chart 'A' and opening the expandable options of '4 - Robust' section.

Screenshot of an example Sitemorse accessibility A report detail

The 4 Accessibility actions we're looking at are: 
G134 - Validating Web pages 
G192 - Fully conforming to specifications 
H75 - Ensuring the Web pages are well-formed 
H88 - Using HTML according to spec

These accessibility checks indicate that a web page's HTML should meet the specification requirements for that web page. For example if the doctype (specified at the top of a webpage source) says just '<!DOCTYPE html>' then this specification used here is HTML 5, where as if it specifies the following then HTML 4.01 Strict specification is used: 
So the HTML in that page should be compliant with the stated specification. If compliant, this will mean that the web page is more likely to work across different browsers, because those tags and attributes for example, are more likely to be supported and work as expected (than any custom browser HTML - specific to for example Firefox only, or IE only etc).

In Sitemorse, to pass these 4 Accessibility checks, all the Code Quality (HTML) category checks within a Report should also pass. Under the Code Quality category summary page, if you select any of the charts you can view a list of all Sitemorse Code Quality checks. All the checks that start with 'file/html/' should be resolved for the above 4 Accessibility checks to pass.