October 2008/UK Central Government

Top Site

This quarter Directgov Jobs and Skills occupies the top slot maintaining their previous position in the INDEX. Their score improved by 0.18 from 9.82 in the last quarter.

Most Improved

This quarter Liberal Democrat Party showed the greatest improvement moving up 51 places in the INDEX with a score increase of 1.62 from 4.37 last quarter.

What’s Happened This Quarter…

Top 10
1)Directgov Jobs and Skills
2)Health & Safety Executive
3)Met Office
4)Child Support Agency
5)Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT)
6)Identity and Passport Service
7)Planning Portal
8)Central Office of Information
9)Transport for London
10)The Pension Service
Most Improved
(+51) Liberal Democrat Party
(+47) Conservative Party
(+31) HM Revenue & Customs
(+28) Transport for London
(+26) Ofgem
Biggest Fallers
(-69) Department for Transport
(-50) DTI - Innovation
(-42) OGCbuying.solutions
(-37) Business Link
(-33) Healthcare Commission