2009 Q2/UK Central Government

Top Site

This quarter Directgov Jobs and Skills occupies the top slot maintaining their previous position in the INDEX.

Most Improved

This quarter Office for National Statistics showed the greatest improvement moving up 42 places in the INDEX with a score increase of 3.41 from 2.92 last quarter.

What’s Happened This Quarter…

Top 10
1)Directgov Jobs and Skills
2)Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
3)Natural Environment Research Council
4)Committee on Standards in Public Life
5)Passenger Focus (Rail Passengers Council)
6)Parole Board
7)Met Office
8)Health and Safety Executive
9)Industrial Injuries Advisory Council
10)Commission for Integrated Transport
Most Improved
(+42) Office for National Statistics
(+25) Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
(+20) Home Office - Drugs
(+0) Directgov Jobs and Skills
(+-4) Met Office
Biggest Fallers
(-315) MI5
(-300) OGCBuying.Solutions
(-292) Labour Party
(-289) Ministry of Defence (MoD)
(-288) Civil Aviation Authority