Accessibility Bulletin Week 50 – accessibility news around the globe

16 Dec 2021 | Accessibility Bulletin

Adam Turner
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Our weekly roundup of the media’s key articles on the topic of digital accessibility.

UK | Q4 2021 INDEX Results – published on 17th December

Sitemorse will publish the Q4 2021 INDEX Results on 17th December:

The top 3 websites are: North Devon Council, Harrogate Borough Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council

Sitemorse 2021 Q4 UK Local Government INDEX Results

The top 3 websites are: Marston's PLC, Berkeley Group Holdings PLC and Quilter PLC

Sitemorse 2021 Q4 UK Government and Public Bodies INDEX Results

The top 3 websites are: Geffrye Museum, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (Northern Ireland) and Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise

Sitemorse 2021 Q4 London-listed PLCs INDEX Results

CA | Canadian public sector organizations are required to file

Did you know: All designated public sector organizations are required to file an #accessibility compliance report under the #AODA by Dec. 31, 2021.

US | DOJ Reinforces its Stance: ADA Applies to the Digital World

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has resumed enforcing digital accessibility

US | Businesses 'sitting ducks' for lawsuits because websites aren't ADA compliant

US | Sony Launches ‘Brilliant Accessibility’ Website for PS5, PS4

Recent news heading 'Sony Launches Brilliant Accessibility Website for PS5, PS4' - shouldn't the page be 'accessible'? A great brand (like SONY) launches what is a key page in terms of demonstrating their commitment to D&I - who / how are they checking even the basics of accessibility compliance before page is released?