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The report categorises your assessment into different areas such as accessibility, code quality, function / links, etc. It contains an individual score for each category so you can determine the areas that might need to be addressed first.

A score out of ten and colour code is shown for each category: Red for 3 or less, Amber between 4 and 6 and Green for 7 and above.

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No credit card required, less than 2 minutes.


Content Assessment Summary

At the top, the summary score for the site is shown together with the status for alerts for, Malware, Hacking or Domain Expiry. Clicking on the Alert symbol provides further detail.

The 10 categories assessed are: Accessibility, Brand, Code, Email, Links, SEO, Trademarks, Performance, Privacy and Spelling.

By clicking on the colour coded circles, you can drill down into further detail for each category.

You can also download the report data to an Excel file or email a link to the report to another person.